Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall is in the air for sure

Donald is getting around very well on his leg now that it's out of the cast. I decided that he and the other "fat belly boys" would winter out in the sick pen. I'm being over protective, and don't want Donald to get hurt by the bigger goats. They are all getting a nice winter coat, and looking so very cute. I really hope we don't have a harsh winter this year, the last couple were really bad. Daffy and some of the older dairy goats don't have much of a winter coat, but all the babies do.
The pen they are in is right outside the living room window, and my bedroom window. We put their house under the window, as it was the best place for them. They have additional shelter from the porch roof there. Donald has become quite the little voyeur with all his looking in the window at us. The other day he really startled one of the boys and my husband. He also seems to enjoy watching TV through the window. Silly boy.

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