Saturday, October 31, 2009

fall fun

Today the weather was quite nice, and the boys were loving it. Donald has decided that it is really fun to play tag with the other boys. He's a bit smaller than they are, and more agile as well. When they think they have gotten him, he jumps up on something to get away. After having broken his leg he sure does love to jump. He stands up on his house several times a day to look in and see what I am doing. He's also learned that he can knock on the window with a foot and get my attention that way too.

I had the boys out with me this morning to play while I was doing some yard work. Watching them run about and try to herd the turkey and chickens was more fun for me than them I think.

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  1. This past spring a crow came here every day to play with Jadzia, Bon Bon's doeling. He would land and turn his back and pretend not to see her. When she came closer and started chasing him, he'd hop along just out of reach and then finally fly up into a tree. Pretty soon he'd land again. It was obviously a game and so much fun to watch.