Monday, August 17, 2009

Doing good today

Today has found Donald taking it easy. He's a remarkable little goat though. He's up and eating very well, as well as drinking. He is trying to climb and stuff, I might have to take his railroad tie out. He is staying in the play area with Acheron and Kyrrian for now. I didn't want the bigger goats to pick on him. Having the three fat belly babies together is turning out to be another bonding experience for them and me. Donald calls to us to come sit with him every hour or so, so while we are out there we are petting and brushing the other boys as well. All three of them seem to like having undivided attention, without the bigger goats pushing them away so they don't get pets.

Tomorrow I am going to go on with our training with Acheron and Kyrrian. If Donald wants to come out and sit with us, I think I'll let him. For sure he will continue to get daily brushing, and treats. I also think that I will make a halter for him. He likes to "model" when he thinks he looks handsome.


  1. And a handsome little goat he is! I'm so glad that he's doing so well.

  2. Thank you. He is really a remarkable little guy. When I go to sit with him, he has such a happy face. He loves to be massaged, but thinking about it anatomicly he would have stiffness and soreness on the right side as well as the left.