Friday, August 21, 2009

Donald Update

Every day as we do chores we let all the kids out to graze for a bit. Donald was crying like he was being tortured so I let him out. I really didn't think he would go far, but stayed really close anyway. I turned to change the water from the dairy girls to the Angoras, that quick the little stinker was in my yard wagon. I'm still wondering how he jumped into the wagon. Got him out of the wagon, turned, got one of the doelings off the top of the hay stack. In that short amount of time he had gone 50 feet and jumped onto the stump.

I am amazed with Donald and his heart. I really think my little guy is going to be just fine. I truly thought that he would lay about for a bit longer than 1 day. I certainly didn't think that at 5 days he'd be jumping into and on things. In hindsight I guess I shouldn't have been too shocked. A few hours after the leg was set he had climbed onto the railroad tie that we play follow the leader on.

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