Sunday, August 16, 2009

Very stressful day

This morning my hubby and I were trying different things to come up with a better goat halter when all of a sudden, Donald fell off a trailer and broke his leg. Thankfully we were right there and were able to instantly set the leg and do a temporary splint. Our wonderful vet gave us the supplies to properly cast it along with pain medication.
Right now Donald is resting well. He has been up and eating, and begging for kisses. He quickly figured out that if he cries we come running. When we get to him he holds his sweet face up for kisses. I have moved him to an enclosure that is right under the living room and my bedroom windows. I wanted to be sure that I could hear him.
For the next few weeks I will only be working with the other two weathers Acheron and Kyrrian. I will still post about Donald and his recovery. Tomorrow I will post pictures of Donald and his bright red cast.

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