Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today we worked some on the leash, and on following without the leash. All three of the little fat bellies are doing wonderful. I decided that I would add jumping onto the stump. Donald caught on fastest. But then he will do anything for a taste of bread or whatever is in my pocket. Today it was animal crackers and bread. As soon as the others saw him get a treat it was super simple to get them to jump up. Now we are going to work on having them jump up when their name is called.

The pics are Donald on the stump, Acheron behind me and Kyrrian on the other side of the stump.

All three boys following me. Acheron is on the leash. Sometimes he develops a bit of ADD and would rather check the world out. Today he was trying to get into the grain bin, so he got the leash.

Here is Donald jumping onto the stump. The other boys were by my hubby trying to convince him to give them a treat.

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