Saturday, August 15, 2009

Follow Me

Teaching this is pretty simple. I take a handful of the treat of the day and walk away from Donald. I stop after a few feet, and if he is behind me he gets the treat, if he's in front of me I change direction. I make sure to stop as soon as he is behind me and give him a treat. It only takes a couple times, and your goat will follow too. When they have followed for a few yards, stop and give another treat. After a few times of doing this I just hold my hand behind me, sometimes I have a treat, sometimes not. They still follow, after a few days they know that they are supposed to stay behind you.
NOTE: I do not turn around to give the treat for following me. I stop, and extend my hand behind me for them. When I'm working with more than just Donald anyone in front of me does not get the treat. Seeing Donald get the treat is enough to encourage them to stay behind me too.

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